Why do you need a LinkedIn account?

linkedin account

We live in the world of the Internet, most of us have accounts on different social networking sites for different purposes. One of these portals is LinkedIn. I guess you might know this website and have an account on it. Perhaps you do not have or you have and do not understand why. Have you ever wondered about this? I will answer that today.

If you don’t know what LinkedIn is

This is a social networking site created for business purposes. This portal has been available since 2003 and is gaining more and more popularity in the world. There you can post job offers and create a company or a personal account. Basically, you can find more information by going there. I am going to get to the right topic of this article.
Warning! If you decide to create an account there, take some time and complete your information. There is nothing worse than an incomplete or empty profile. This is very unprofessional.

What stage are you at?

You are currently a student, or maybe the study stage is long over and you have been working for several years. Perhaps you are already a programmer or business analyst with 15 years of experience and are thinking about new challenges. In each of these cases, the LinkedIn account may prove useful to you. It is high time to write about the advantages of this.

Your business summary on the Internet

I have already mentioned this before, the Internet fills our lives and the LinkedIn account is our business card. We can refresh this summary at any time, add information about new skills or completed courses. This can be useful if you want to refresh the information in your CV, or just a potential business partner or future employer can quickly check information about you.

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Building a business network

There is no better place on the Internet to build your business network and meet people with similar interests. I met with such an opinion of the students that they do not want to set up an account on Linkedin, because they do not have any work experience and do not have anything to write there. I think it is wrong and just incomprehensible to me. Just fill in the information about your education and your skills, there will be time for work experience! Do not miss the opportunity to show yourself to a wider group of people, for example, recruiters, who in the future will offer you a great job.
If you already have a lot of experience in some field and would like to change your environment or start learning something new, then being on LinkedIn will also be useful. Having an extensive network, you only need to write one post, that you would like to check something new and I am sure that you will have a full e-mail box with offers and suggestions.

The ability to share your content

Maybe you have recently done an interesting project as a part of a college course, created a great application with your science club, or had a speech at a conference in your city. Perhaps you recently started writing a blog or recording programming tutorials. This site is a great place to share it. Good content defends itself, but it is worth giving it the opportunity for others to see it. Of course, you can share such content on other social networking sites, but there, most likely, a lot of people have different interests than you, but here it looks completely opposite.

Staying up to date in your industry

The IT industry is constantly changing and moving forward. If you are a software engineer, analyst or manager, you definitely know that you need to constantly refresh your knowledge and observe the news. You will definitely find them on Linkedin! There are profiles of the largest companies in the world, where information about all news and changes appear.

Just finding a job

This is one of the main goals of this portal. It is just a place to find an employee or an employer. There are a lot of recruiters on this portal who are looking for potential employees for different positions. In larger companies or corporations there are employees whose main task at work is to explore LinkedIn and search for candidates. If you are looking for an internship, first work experience or thinking about changing jobs, this portal is just for you.


I think I have presented enough arguments to encourage you to join Linkedin. Of course, the decision is yours. I realize you may not be convinced of that. I know people who are completely opposed to social networking and sharing information about themselves on the Internet. I think that it is worth making an exception for this website. Do not deprive yourself of the opportunity!


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    1. bush_dev
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      Thanks for your kind opinion!

  2. Krzysiek
    April 19, 2020

    Hello Robert
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      Yes, I absolutely agree with your words! Thanks for your comment, Krzysiek. 🙂

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