Where to get knowledge and information about news in IT?

Where to get knowledge and information about news in IT?

Every day we are overwhelmed by news from various areas and sources. How not to go crazy and where to look for valuable content in line with our interests? I would like to answer these questions today. Of course, it will be my opinion based on my experience. It works in my case, so I hope it will be useful for you too.

At the beginning

First of all, it is worth thinking about what kind of news you would like to get and which fields are the most important for you. I know you can be an open-minded person who likes to be up to date in every news and always have a cutting edge in all areas, but it does not work for a longer period of time.

Choosing sources

The next step is choosing sources and ways to get stuff related to your interests, so now I will enumerate things that work well for me.

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  1. Following persons and companies on social media

    I know, I know, social media takes away a lot of our time and it’s often a cause of our unproductivity. That is true, but we can try to use it in a better way. I am sure you know Twitter or Linkedin. There are the most influential and popular persons/companies, so you can follow their profiles and be up to date with their achievements and things on which they are currently working on.

  2. Signing up on various newsletters

    A lot of people associate newsletters as tiresome spam that clutter up our e-mail boxes. Of course, this exists when you sign up on every newsletter to get some promotions in shops or something like that, but you should control where you sign up and what types of newsletters are sending to you. I get the newsletters from people who do really interesting things and it is an awesome way to develop my knowledge.

  3. Buying trade newspapers

    At the ages of the Internet, newspapers are less popular, but it is still a good source of knowledge and news from your field, for example in IT. I do not know how it looks in your country, but in Poland, we have valuable positions, for example, Programista, which is a monthly paper about programming. Another option is to buy and download a digital version of the newspaper, so you can read it on your Kindle or iPad.

  4. Visiting and joining groups on Reddit and Quora

    I am not sure you know these websites, but there are places where gather different communities such as .NET technology enthusiasts or people who are interested in data science. Every one of these groups has its own rules and admins control that, so you will not find out there invaluable spam or something like that, but really valuable content.

  5. Reading books

    Reading books gives you confidence that information included there had to be checked and filtered earlier. Of course, we are only human and sometimes there can be mistakes, but in general, this is rare. Additionally, I recommend you check out reviews and opinions about the book before you will read that.

  6. Listening to podcasts

    It is definitely the best way if you do not have too much free time, because you can listen to podcasts during travel to work or while you are running or working out. You can find a lot of great podcasts on different streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, or Tidal. Listening to podcast works only in connection with activities that do not require thinking, so not try to do that when you are programming! 🙂


As you can see, there are many options to keep abreast of news but at the same time, it is worth controlling that. I recommend you to have an influence on what content you feed your mind. It is of great importance to your life and personal development.

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