ASP.NET Core 5.0 – what changes?

ASP.NET Core 5.0

Four years ago there was a major breakthrough in the development of Web frameworks from Microsoft. The now extremely popular ASP.NET Core has appeared. Why was this change significant? Well, finally, users of operating systems other than Windows have been able to run and create software in Microsoft technologies. Today, I will introduce some changes in version 5.0 and present how to update the version in the project from version 3.1 to 5.0.

ASP.NET Core 5.0

For four years, several versions of the framework have already appeared, which is constantly developed and improved. A few days ago, another version of the ASP.NET Core 5.0 preview 5 emerged. In this as well as previous preview versions there were upgrades of various libraries such as Microsoft.AspNetCore or Microsoft.Extensions.

Several features have also added. These include performance improvements to HTTP/2, by significantly reducing allocations in the HTTP/2 code path and adding support for HPack static compression of HTTP/2 response headers in Kestrel.

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In addition, Kestrel now has the ability to observe configuration changes forwarded to KestrelServerOptions.Configuration and unlink from existing endpoints, and connect to new endpoints without having to restart the application.

Upgrade project from ASP.NET Core 3.1 to 5.0

First, you must download the .NET 5.0 SDK from the Microsoft website. Then, of course, go through the installation process.

Now you should open Visual Studio and update version of IDE. To do this, first, select ‘Help’ and later ‘Check for Updates’ and the update process should start.

The next step is opening Visual Studio again and choosing the following path Options -> Environment -> Preview Features and checking ‘Use previews of the .NET Core SDK’ there. Now you must restart IDE.

Finally, you can change the version of your project. Just open ‘Properties’ of the project and select .NET 5.0 in ‘Target framework’, then save changes and that is all!



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